Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Wrist ID Sport Review: Be Safe!

What They Say:

The Wrist ID Sport is a comfortable bracelet ID that includes two 3M reflective strips and a Velcro closure. Laser engraved peace of mind in a stylish and durable form. Easy to wash and interchangeable with the Shoe ID, the Wrist

ID Sport is a must for any athlete. Get yours!

What I Say:

(Disclaimer: Media Sample) The Wrist ID Sport by Road ID is one item I should have considered many years ago.I have dutifully carried an ID card with me for the majority of my runs. However, the utility of doing so was limited by my need to store the ID and therefore make it less likely to locate if an emergency were to occur.

The Wrist ID Sport by Road ID provides the perfect solution for identification and a sense of security for myself, and my family. It wears comfortably even on the long run and allows for sufficient identification information to be meaningful in case of emergency. It is all but forgettable on the run.

Wearing the Wrist ID Sport I feel much safer out on my runs. I also enjoy the security it provides my wife and family when I am gone hours at a time. The bracelet is available in many colors as well as other styles. Check out their website and reasonable costs. I highly recommend making this purchase!

Also available from Road ID:

I downloaded this app but opted not to use it as the feature set were not of interest to me. But I include the information regarding the app here because I do feel it would be of interest to many athletes.

The Road ID App

The all new Road ID App is a great tool for runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers and basically anyone not glued to their couch. With amazing features like eCrumb Tracking, a Stationary Alert, and a custom Lock Screen creator, the Road ID App is your perfect training partner. With the ability to track your workouts in real time, your friends and family can stay better connected whenever you head outdoors...delivering peace of mind like never before.

Please Note: The App is not a replacement for a physical Road ID and is intended to be a supplemental safety device only. For identification purposes, it’s important that you wear (on your person) an ID that First Responders can easily access in an emergency.

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