Sunday, May 8, 2016

The nuun plus Benefits

I have tried many electrolyte hydration tabs over my years of running. I have even tried several recipes of my own. With each experience my reviews tend to narrow to one aspect of these tabs, whether or not I can stomach them into the later miles of my long runs.

For the most part, every tab is pleasant enough during the early stages of the run. And my experiences with the flavored nuun products have all been positive in this regard. Whatever the flavor they provide a light flavor and sweetness and a well-balanced electrolyte lift. I am a big fan of this brand as I can generally tolerate the tabs late into my long runs. But even with the nuun tabs I tend to opt for straight water, or a watered down mix hour after hour on my ultras. Enter the nuun plus, a flavorless version of the nuun line. 

When I first learned of this product I was very excited. I eagerly dissolved a tab into my water bottle and headed out onto my run. Initially the experience was interesting. There was NO flavor and really no indication I was actually enjoying an electrolyte replacement solution. But this was a good thing as the miles progressed. With each refill of my bottle there was no hesitancy regarding whether I would skip the solution or opt for water. I continued using the nuun plus throughout my run.

Over the course of the intervening months I have relied on the nuun plus for every long run. More recently I have alternated flavors and then introduced the nuun plus later in my runs. The nuun plus is a great product and it has made a vast difference in my comfort during my long runs by providing the electrolyte replenishment without any sweetness to work around.

Highly recommended!

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