Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Ahnu Cruz Vegan: An (Almost) Perfect Casual Shoe

What They Say:


The Cruz embodies laidback appeal with unsurpassed comfort. This lightweight men’s clog is animal friendly with its canvas textile upper and microfiber suede lined EVA footbed to cradle your feet, while the stretchy back heel provides a secure fit. Easy to pack and easy to wear, this uncomplicated clog is sure to be a casual essential.

Product Details

The Ahnu® Cruz utilizes the following technology:
100% animal free, vegan construction
Canvas textile upper
Anatomical EVA footbed with built in arch support and toe bar for lightweight support and cushioning
Microfiber suede lined footbed treated with Aegis antimicrobial agent
Nonmarking carbon rubber outsole

What I Say:

(Disclaimer: Media Sample) I was very excited to be able to access the Ahnu Cruz Vegan. As a runner I try to limit my shoe choices anywhere from zero offset to 4 mm drop. With that in mind I try to also wear a casual shoe that supports this effort. When I first saw the Ahnu Cruz Vegan I thought this shoe would be the perfect solution. But my experience has been mixed and I had to provide my own solution to make the shoes work for me.

First the positives: The shoes are very attractive in their gray tone, casual for comfort but dress casual enough for my classroom. Several co-workers commented on how cool they looked. They are right. They slip on easily and are very light. The stitching and materials give the feel of durability and longevity. All of these elements are wonderfully designed.

My Concerns: The shoes have a elastic strip sewn into each side and around the heel. This allows these slipper like shoes to be held firmly in place and not slip past the heel. Unfortunately, they pressed my foot into the toe box with the result my toe tips becoming irritated after hours on my feet. When I look at the shoe on my feet there is a gap between this band and the rear of the shoe with my foot not fully snug into the heel. Unfortunately this design element prevented me from wearing the shoes at all.

A Solution: I so liked all of the design features of this shoe including appearance and materials that I wanted to make them work. I decided to try and slice through the elastic with a razor knife. The result was the release of the pull of the heel and the ability to set my heel fully into the rear of the shoe. They are now a bit more slipper like but I am able to keep the shoes on as I walk about. And I can wear the shoes throughout my full day of teaching.For me, with this modification, I am absolutely loving the Ahnu Cruz Vegan.

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