Saturday, February 21, 2015

I have made the leap to vegetarianism!

The fears and motivators:

Despite years of running I was not only not losing weight, lingering at 200 pounds.
(Thinking 180 is more normal)
I actually piled on 11 additional (211) pounds since November (I like pie!).
I have been on a cholesterol lowering med for years. (Yikes!)
My practitioner was considering adding a blood pressure med. (C'mon!)

So beginning around or about January 1st I made a progressive change to a full vegetarian diet, no dairy, no eggs.

Began with the DASH Diet-Plant based diet, a positive step.
Now following the McDougall Plan and Starch Solution.


I have dropped near 20 pounds.
I can bend over to tie my shoes without exhaling.
I can snap and fasten all my pants.
I have to modify two belts to shorten them two inches.
My blood pressure is in check.
Dropped my cholesterol med (no new labs yet to support doing so)
I feel wonderful.
I am sleeping much better.
I am waking less lethargically.
My running is better.
I am not hungry.
I am not missing anything.
It is cheaper.
It is kinder and more environmentally friendly.
People have commented on my weight loss.
I am happy!


People are tired of hearing me drone on and on about read and watch these.

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