Friday, May 27, 2016

Ultimate Direction Groove Mono: Form, Function and Fun

What They Say:

Incredibly comfortable! The Groove with the Body BottlePlus conforms to the shape of your body.
Specs & Details
·         Single Rear PowerStretch Woven mesh pouch securely holds a 500ml Body Bottle Plus
·         Trim Lo-Fi minimal front strap with key pocket
·         MonoRipTM mesh dual compression waist belt provides secure and breathable fit
·         ChannelWickTM mesh back panel creates channels for airflow and moisture management
·         Individual compression bungee bands add extra attachment points

What I Say:

Form, function and fun. That sums up my impression of the Ultimate Direction Groove Mono Running Belt. The belt provides a winning solution for the shorter run. It is light, extremely comfortable and provides a “not there” fit.

The Groove Mono is a somewhat wide belt fastened by two Velcro grips. This allows a perfect, snug fit and keeps the belt from moving about during the run. This fit also affords flexibility to wear the belt with the pouch in the front or rear. The belt is breathable and caused no buildup of heat or moisture and there were not hot spots or chaffing.

The Groove Mono has a tiny pouch on one end of the belt. This is large enough for a key or gel. The larger pouch is more ample and could hold a phone or similar items but also supports the Ultimate Direction flexible Body Bottle. This is just enough hydration support for my routine 6 miler including a bandana for sweat. I have developed a routine to have the pouch in front. With the flex bottle there is no feeling of bulk and I prefer the easy access to the contents.

The fun this belt provides is the ability to have hydration support without feeling a bulkiness from the belt. I truly can run for miles without having any sense I am wearing the belt. It works so well that it actually enhances my enthusiasm for my next outing. 

Ultimate Direction's Groove Mono is part of a larger system. There is also the Stereo option (below) which works with the system and allows for a two regular bottles. Highly recommended.

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