Sunday, April 26, 2015

Running/Vegan Journal Entry

Sunday Morning 9 AM:

I am about to enjoy my Sunday Morning Irish Oatmeal. Later I will head out for my first 20 milers in some time. I will do so with new found confidence in both my ability to maintain my energy through my runs but also the wonderful gentle recovery I have been experiencing since I have gone Vegan.

Obviously dropping 20 pound makes a literally huge impact on each run. But the feel of my body through each run has been so consistently positive. My breathing seems lighter and each hill flatter. Overall it has been a wonderful adventure, one that I can no longer consider optional.

As I conclude in my reviews; "Highly Recommended!"


Sunday Afternoon 4:10 PM

Just back from my 20 mile run on the American Tobacco Trail here in Apex/Cary/Durham. Absolutely the best long run I have ever done. Maintained a reasonable stride throughout and felt fairly strong at the end. Definitely enhances my confidence for my next Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie in early June.

Cool, somewhat chilly day. But peaceful and pleasant for the effort. Its a nice trail for a run. And now very well marked at each quarter mile (a mixed blessing to be sure).

Man. just feeling really positive about the improvements I have experienced since becoming plant based.

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