Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saucony Ride 8 Review

What They Say:

    Enhanced fit without adding weight thanks to an all-new FlexFilm upper
    Runners can expect an exceptionally smooth and responsive feel that this franchise model is famous for


    Shoe Category: Neutral
    Pronation: Neutral
    Cushion: Plush
    Construction Type: Neutral
    Surface: Road, Track
    Arch: High, Normal (Mid)
    Water Resistant: No
    Waterproof: No
    Offset: 8mm
        Heel Stack Height: 26mm
        Forefoot Stack Height: 18mm

What I Say:
My running history centers on exploration of the more minimalist end of the spectrum with running style and shoes. My first access to a minimalist shoe was through Saucony with the now deceased Hattori. It was slipper-like and I have relegated one pair to my yard work comfy shoe. While I have run many miles in zero drop shoes including a marathon or two in Vibram Five Fingers I have evolved to a preference and focus on a compromise 4 mm drop with my current go to shoe being any version of Saucony’s Kinvara. LOVE THAT SHOE!

Several month ago Saucony afforded me a pair (Disclaimer: Review Sample) of the Ride 8 which has an 8 mm offset and a bit more sole height. While I love getting a new pair of shoes I honestly felt I would wear these long enough to merit a review but then drop them in my donation bag for my local high school cross country team. But off I went in them for my routine 6 mile jaunts.

Initially they had the wonderful feel of new shoes. They felt soft and provided a gentle foot plant, not squishy, but you could definitely feel the cushioning. The felt roomy but provided a snug fit for my toes, midfoot and heel. And surprisingly, really gave no indication of an increase in heel to toe offset.

I appreciate a 4 mm difference between the Kinvara and Ride 8 is not mountainous. But I have always given much credence to the distinction between the more minimalist Zero to 4 mm drop differences. But here I was running quite comfortably in a shoe with greater offset, AND LOVING IT!

I really have to conclude that I really like the Saucony Ride 8. It has made me a convert to allowing a greater offset into my consideration for future explorations. And the Ride 8 has established itself in my short list of shoes I rotate between through the days and weeks. Check them out. I recommend them across running shoe preferences.

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